Please have a look on our product range in section Bended parts Production of molds.


Please have a look on our product range
in section Bended parts

3D printer

Allows the production of a unique
shaped complex metal parts.

Information on funded project 

Location of the project: Ľubochnianska 2407/2, Ľubotice, Prešov District, Slovakia

Project title: Implementation of innovative 5-axis technology in CNC machining

Brief project description:

The goal of the project was the purchase of the machine HEDELIUS RS 60, including the necessary software support for the technology operation. The technology is used for 5-axis CNC machining of metals. The principle of 5-axis CNC machining of metal is that the technology allows production of 3D-intensive shapes and curves for a clamping of the workpiece.

The product is set on a workbench that is leaning, is parallel machined as well through the rotary head machine - cutters.

The name and address of the recipient: 1. prešovská nástrojáreň, Ltd., Ľubochnianska 2407/2, 080 06 Ľubotice, Slovakia

Starting date of the project: 06/2009

Intended date of completion of the project: 09/2010

The amount of the contribution: € 185,280.90

Provider: Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic

The Managing Authority for the Operational Programme Competitiveness and Economic Growth


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1. prešovská nástrojáreň, Ltd.

Ľubochnianska 2407/2

Prešov - Ľubotice 080 06


Phone: +421 51 748 50 51
             +421 51 748 50 51
+421 51 748 50 50